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Advanced Facilities Services International

I can always count on the proper resolution, recommendation, or answer. I cannot begin to tell you the peace of mind we receive knowing that problems with our network are resolved promptly and properly with the first attempt.

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Amherst Center For Senior Services

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for the recent successful implementation of our Contact Management Software System. I appreciate your patience, understanding and willingness to work through the process with us. PCA Technology Group is indeed a fine organization one which I will continue to recommend to organization with whom I work.

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CP Staffing

PCA Technology Group has been a great solution to our company. Our network and computer system is in good hands with their team. The support they provide to us is above all others.

Insyte Consulting

During our water emergency, without PCA Technology Group’s support, there is no way that we could have assessed the damage and been completely moved out of our office space and operational in our temporary space in less than 48 hours.

MAC's Antique Auto Parts

115% growth in revenue with only a 51% increase in labor hours. PCA Technology Group has put the care and concern into all of our work flow processes and technology, that we consider them our partners in business.

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Meals on Wheels for Western New York

You have assisted the agency in every aspect of our technological growth. With your expertise the agency went from a very small and simple DOS client database to a custom client database that now hold more than 30,000 records. The procedure of getting meal counts to the commissary literally went from approximately 3 ½ hours each day to 15 minutes.

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